Vegan tuna melt

I was in Holland & Barrett the other day and, hurrah, they’ve fixed their freezer and chiller and they had the most amazing range of vegetarian and vegan food in there. Fortunately for my wallet and my already full freezer, I didn’t have enough room in my rucksack to buy everything I wanted but when I saw Redwood’s Vegan Tuna Style Paté, I knew I wanted to try it.

So, today – as I never had a tuna melt when I was a meat-eater – I made a vegan tuna melt. I should point out that it was only the vegan tuna style paté that was vegan but the rest of the sandwich would be easy enough to make vegan by swapping the cheese, mayonnaise and butter for vegan alternatives (actually, I’m going to do that next time and make a proper vegan tuna melt – I will report back).

The vegan tuna doesn’t taste like tuna. It doesn’t even taste like fish. It is nice for what it is though (whatever that may be).



2 slices of bread
Vegan tuna style paté
Butter (or vegan margarine)
Cheese (or vegan cheese)
Mayonnaise (or vegan mayonnaise)

Butter the bread, add the vegan tuna paté, then the cheese, then the mayonnaise on top, then grill.

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