Fresh Strawberry & Nectarine Mocktail

glass of nectarine and strawberry mocktail

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I never knew fresh apricots were extinct. I wanted to make the apricot appetiser mocktail from The Virgin Cocktail Garden as it looked simple, with just a few ingredients easily found in the shops. Or so I thought. Could I find fresh apricots? Could I bollocks. I looked online at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons but I could only find dried and I’d been sure fresh apricots were as easy to find as apples. Google suggested I use peaches or nectarines in place of apricots and so, because I dislike the fuzziness of peaches, I bought nectarines instead. (I have since investigated and found out apricots are in season in the UK from May to September so I’m going to look for them then, even if I don’t want any. It’s become a matter of principle.)

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Raw cacao hot chocolate {dairy-free, refined-sugar-free}

hot chocolate in a glass and a milk frother

I’m addicted to hot chocolate. Utterly, totally, have-to-get-my-fix-of-it-at-least-twice-a-day addicted. At home, I make vegan hot chocolate using a dairy-free drinking chocolate powder such as Cadbury’s or whatever’s cheapest in the supermarket (most non-instant hot chocolate is vegan, unlike the instant hot chocolate such as Options, which contains milk), and plant milk such as almond, soya or coconut. When I’m out, if they have non-dairy milk – yay! If not, I must confess I do drink hot chocolate with moo juice if that’s all they have (I know, I should be stronger, or go somewhere else – especially as there are plenty of places near me that do vegan hot chocolate, and even a place that serves raw cacao hot chocolate). 

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Thai Stir Fry – vegan, quick and easy

Thai stir fried vegetables with rice in a bowl

I love a Thai stir fry. All that lemongrass, ginger and garlic is wonderful. Saying that though, whenever I eat out at a Thai restaurant, I end up ordering a pad Thai but, today for lunch, I made myself a vegan Thai stir fry with rice. The reason I made Thai stir fried vegetables for lunch which involved actual cooking instead of my usual soup which involves something more along the lines of chucking some veg and stock in a pan then blending it, is because HelloFresh asked me to recreate one of their recipes. I didn’t exactly stick to their recipe for the Thai Veggie Rice Bowl because a) HelloFresh don’t show the exact quantities or measurements on their website so I had to guess; and b) I didn’t like some of their ingredients (coriander, bleurgh) so I left them out. Below, though, I’ll go through step-by-step how I made my version of their recipe which makes a really quick and easy tasty lunch or light dinner.

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Healthy Hemp Products from Good Hemp

Image showing hemp oil, CBD oil, hemp milk and hemp seeds from Good Hemp

Not that long ago, the word ‘hemp’ conjured images of beige bags, dodgy jumpers and spliffs. These days, hemp is getting trendy, especially since the recent popularity of CBD products. I have never knowingly bought a hemp product (which is 100% true as, although I frequently bought acid, speed and coke in my younger days, dope gave me a headache and sent me to sleep so I pretty much avoided it where I could) so, when Good Hemp asked me if I wanted to try some of their products, I thought I’d make a rare foray into trendiness and said yes.

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