Yamas! Halloumi burger slices

I was invited to a Greek cheese cookery event in London which, because it clashed with my last drama seminar of the year at uni, I couldn’t attend. Gutted. However, the organiser kindly sent me samples of what I’d missed which included the Yamas! Halloumi burger slices. I love halloumi but have never had it on a burger before, so last night (because I have Sunday nights off from cooking) The Meat Eater made us a not-very-traditional Sunday dinner of burger and chips.

The halloumi was grilled on the George Foreman, placed on top of a Linda McCartney Quarter-pounder and, to mine, I added tomato and chilli relish, mayonnaise, fried onion, lettuce, gherkin and tomato. Gorgeous.

burger 002

The burger was served with a Linda McCartney sausage, chips, mushrooms and coleslaw and was the best burger in the world ever.

burger 004

As well as the halloumi burger slices, Yamas! have plenty of other vegetarian cheese in their range (only one of their cheeses – the Graviera – isn’t labelled as suitable for vegetarians).

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