Dehydrated Tofu Jerky

tofu jerky

I love tofu. I especially love it when it’s been pressed to perfection and isn’t a gungy spongy lump of goo, which it hasn’t been since getting my hands on a Tofuture tofu press. But I still wanted to make it meatier and chewier and wondered what it would be like dehydrated, which also gave me a good excuse to use my new Optimum P200 dehydrator.

If you’ve also wondered what tofu’s like when it’s been marinated and dehydrated, wonder no more – it’s flipping amazing; as chewy and ‘meaty’ as I wanted it to be and I’ve been making a batch of it weekly since discovering how tasty and easy it is.

It’s great on its own and, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to resist snacking on a bit each time you’re in the kitchen but it’s equally good in sandwiches, wraps and pitta bread with salad and as it’s packed with protein, it’s a great after-workout snack too.

As I’ve never had meat jerky, I had no idea if this was similar but I looked up jerky after I’d made this and it seemed to be dried meat in a BBQ sauce, which is what this is except it’s tofu, not meat, so yay me and my instinctive jerky-making skillz.

Another bonus with making this is that, although it’s made in a dehydrator and some dehydrated food can take 24 hours or more, this tofu jerky is ready in about 4 hours, making it cost effective as you don’t need to keep the dehydrator on all night.

marinated tofu

Tofu jerky in the dehydrator

Tofu jerky

I can’t give exact quantities of the condiments I used for the marinade as I just threw in what I fancied which happened to be sriracha, vegan Worcester Sauce (I got mine in Asda) and liquid smoke (I got mine from Amazon) but, if you want to follow what I used and you haven’t used liquid smoke before – go easy on it, it’s strong stuff and you only need a few drops.

Dehydrated Tofu Jerky

Total Time: 4 hours

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Dehydrated Tofu Jerky


  • 1 block tofu, pressed
  • 2 tbsp sriracha
  • 2 tbsp vegan Worcester Sauce
  • A few drops of liquid smoke


  1. Mix the sriracha, vegan Worcester Sauce and liquid smoke in a bowl
  2. Cut the tofu in half, then cut into slices about half a centimetre thick
  3. Coat the tofu in the marinade and leave to soak in for a few hours, or overnight
  4. Place the marinated tofu on the dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 60C for around 4 hours (the length of time will depend on the thickness you sliced your tofu)

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  1. I’m a bit addicted to tofu jerky, I made a huge batch in my dehydrator and it was gone in an instant (not just down to me I hasten to add!) – I’m liking the sound of your marinade I’ll give it a go for my next lot! 🙂

    1. If you’ve got the room (dehydrator’s aren’t small), I’d recommend getting one – you can make so many interesting things in them.

  2. I still am yet to try tofu,this looks perfectly jerky like and chewy. YUM. Loving the look of the dehydrator too – in fact I’m lusting after all the froothie gear!I really want to try liquid smoke too!

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