Linda McCartney Fish-Free King Prawns

linda-mccartney-prawnsI’d heard about the new Linda McCartney Fish-Free King Prawns in their range of vegetarian and vegan food and was dying to try them out as I used to love prawns. I wasn’t expecting much though as I’d tried the (now discontinued) Redwood Scampi-Style Pieces which had the texture of any generic chicken-style meat substitute and nothing like scampi at all. They didn’t even taste the slightest bit fishy (unlike their fish-style fingers which I love).

After opening the bag, I had a sniff of the prawns and blimey, they smelt fishy. Far too fishy for me and I hoped they wouldn’t taste too fishy when cooked (I am aware that I just complained about Redwood’s Scampi-Style Pieces not being fishy enough but I don’t like my meat/fish alternatives to be too much like the real thing).


The prawns were cooked in this Fish Free King Prawns, Garlic, Chilli, Tomatoes and Rocket with Spaghetti recipe (pdf file) that I downloaded from the Linda McCartney website.

I let The Meat Eater take the first bite, he said they tasted like prawns and so I had a bite. They weren’t overly fishy but had a definite fish taste that didn’t linger too long. The texture wasn’t particularly prawn-like but a lot closer to the real thing than the Redwood Scampi-Style Pieces.

The Meat Eater enjoyed this dish and said he preferred the prawns to the burger type substitutes and although I disagree that they’re nicer than the burgers, I’ll definitely be having them again.


Linda McCartney Fish-Free Prawns are suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans) and I bought mine in Tesco for £2.50.

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      1. true there was a lot of people saying this is the reason they were removed, it was definitely not because they were not popular, even before they were removed most places had sold out every time you wanted them

  1. Please bring the Fish free Prawns back , they where really lovely and I never felt as though I was missing out especially , when I made them in to prawn cocktail —–

  2. Please please bring them back ,I used them in curry as a prawn cocktail,home made fish cakes now come on bring them back

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