Lord Poppington’s Perfectly Popped Popcorn

I got sent a few packs of Lord Poppington’s Perfectly Popped Popcorn to try. I say a few, I mean twelve. So far, I’ve tried the Four Cheese flavour which weren’t cheesy enough for me but then again, they’re not going to be as strongly flavoured as crisps, are they? Well, that’s what I thought until I tried the Chilli and Lime flavour. They started out with the lime flavour but then the chilli took over and were definitely strong enough.

Popcorn will never be as nice as crisps as far as I’m concerned, but if you fancy a change and want a snack that’s only 94 calories a bag, I recommend these. Other flavours include Sweet and Salty, and Lightly Sea-Salted.


Lord Poppington’s popcorn is available online on Amazon and in selected independent outlets with the recommended retail prices at 95p for the small packs and £1.49 for the large packs. For more information, visit www.lordpoppington.co.uk.

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