The Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan Facebook Groups


I’m not the owner or admin of any of these vegetarian and vegan Facebook groups but these are my favourites. They’re all down-to-earth, friendly, unpretentious and non-militant – just how I like it.

What Fat Vegans Eat

Let’s face it; this isn’t just the best Facebook group, this is the best page on the internet for food lovers full stop. If you’re after vegan food porn, this group is for you. Considering there is – at the time of writing – over 36,000 members, it’s an astonishingly friendly place. Just don’t mention palm oil.

Update: Unfortunately, this page has gone waaaaay downhill with the recent updates to the rules with stupid restrictions like no faces or animals in the photos. There’s a lot of arguing now, too. If I were you, I’d head over to The Little Vegan Kitchen (link below) instead – it’s not so little now with over 2,000 members but it’s still a friendly place.

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Fans

Another friendly group. If you want advice on vegetarian slow-cooking, recipe ideas for your slow cooker or just want to drool over what everyone else has been cooking in theirs, head over to this page.


Originally started for those committing to veganism for the month of January, this group is a great place for any vegan newbies.

Vegan Special Offers UK

Found a vegan bargain in your local supermarket? Let others know about it here.

Little Vegan Kitchen 

A fairly new group but another friendly one and welcomes non-vegans and vegetarians as long as you keep your pics and chat about vegan food. Well worth a visit.

So, these are my favourite vegan and vegetarian Facebook groups. What are your favourites?

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  1. hey…vegans…i’m in hattiesburg mississippi…lookin’ for other vegans to share life…animal cruelty free…that’s for me…but…i’m sooo all alooone…lol…south ms not known for veganism sorry to say…so anyway…would appreciate any tips on where i might relocate to join a strong highly populated vegan community…we don’t even have a health food store here any longer…i’ve simply got to leave from this meat-n-dairy eaters strong-hold…need some tips…message me at my facebook page if you’d like…thanks fellow anti animal cruelty advocates…later

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