Dalepak Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders


It was 1992 when I first became vegetarian. In the beginning, I shied away from the ‘meaty’ vegetarian burgers as I was one of those people who thought ‘if you’re vegetarian, why eat something that’s pretending to be meat?’ So, before I learnt to cook, I bought vegetable burgers that consisted of some kind of unidentifiable soggy vegetable encased in soggy breadcrumbs.

Because of this, I’ve spent 20 years avoiding vegetable burgers and have been embracing the more ‘meaty’ types of burgers (I’m no longer one of those annoying ‘why eat something…’ type of people). But since Dalepak sent me a hamper of their vegetarian range which is all about the vegetable, I’m a convert.

The latest product I’ve tried is their Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders. They declare on the packet ‘big size big taste’ and I can confirm that these beauties are big. They also pack in a hefty 272 calories per burger, so you only need one of these.


The golden brown breadcrumbs were crispy and the texture was firm and not at all gungy. The only slight complaint I have is that the burger crumbled slightly when I cut into it and didn’t want to stay on the fork.

Dalepak aren’t lying about the ‘spicy’ bit – there’s a definite warmth to them that’s not too spicy for the lightweights out there but spicy enough for those of us who like a bit of heat to their food.

I am impressed with these bean burgers and what I’ve found even more impressive is that they’re only £1 for a pack of four. They’re exclusive to Iceland but if that’s not somewhere you shop often (I’m not sure I’ve ever been in an Iceland store), if you’re going past one, they’re definitely worth popping in for.

Dalepak Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders are Vegetarian Society Approved and also suitable for vegans.

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