Trek Protein Flapjacks

Trek Protein Flapjacks

When I used to do my running commute from Chancery Lane to Walthamstow, I used to have a Trek Protein Bar an hour or so before leaving the office, to give me a bit of extra energy. Well, that’s what I told myself, anyway. I just used to like eating them (especially the peanut and oat variety) and running six miles home seemed like a good enough excuse to me.

Now Natural Balance Foods – who make the Trek Protein Bars (and also the Nakd Bars that I reviewed a while back) have brought out a range of Trek Protein Flapjacks. Yes, healthy flapjacks, yee ha! I had the Morning Berry one on a recent 35 mile bike ride and it was the perfect snack to have with a cup of tea halfway through the ride.

Trek Protein Flapjacks are also available in Banana Bread, Oat Raisin, Cocoa Coconut, Cocoa Oat and Original Oat varieties. They’re wheat-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Find them in health food shops or order directly from the Natural Balance Foods website (they always have special offers on, so it’s worth checking out).

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