Tesco Free From Creamy Sweet Chilli Spread


Tesco have added a load of vegan products to their ‘Free From’ range. I first read about them on the Fat Gay Vegan blog, then forgot about them, until I passed them in my local Tesco the other day. My Tesco doesn’t have the huge range Fat Gay Vegan’s seems to but they did have the Creamy Sweet Chilli Spread, which according to the tub is ‘a delicious dairy free alternative to soft cheese’. Yay, I thought – then I tried it. Yuk, I thought.

I wanted to like it. I’d Googled it and found only favourable reviews but it smelt like margarine and was the texture of putty. I tried a bit on its own and found it dry and cloying. I smeared a tiny amount on a couple of ricecakes, topped them with sprouts and tried it that way. Edible, but not much of an improvement.


It’s obviously good news for vegans that Tesco have created this range, but I won’t be buying the chilli spread again.

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