Dalepak Mushroom Crispbakes

Dalepak sent me a huge hamper full of frozen food, so I’ll be posting quite a bit about Dalepak in the coming weeks.

First up, I tried their Mushroom Crispbakes with White Wine and Cheddar Sauce Centre, which I served with chips and baked beans.


They’re a decent size, the breadcrumb coating was crispy and I was pleased to see a generous amount of sauce oozing inside.


The sauce didn’t taste of much, but had a lovely creamy texture. The mushroom filling had a strong mushroom flavour but the texture was soft and mousse-like; The Meat Eater said ‘it fills your mouth, then disappears’. Personally, although I enjoyed the flavour which was complemented well by the sauce, I like my food to have more substance to it.

Dalepak Mushroom Crispbakes are Vegetarian Society Approved, contain 259 calories per crispbake and available in Asda (although not my local one) and Iceland.

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