Teapigs Matcha Challenge

Teapigs Matcha Challenge Kit
Teapigs Matcha Challenge
Teapigs Matcha Challenge

Have you heard of matcha? It’s a green tea that comes in powdered form, is full of good stuff and I’ve got a friend who loves it and says it gives her a nice steady energy rise during the morning with no crash.

It looks like this.

Don’t panic. It doesn’t taste like spirulina

Traditionally, matcha is drunk whisked in hot water but if it’s not to your taste drunk ‘neat’ like that you can use it in lots of different ways, e.g. in cookies, ice cream, juices or – as I did this morning – smoothies.

Blueberry, blackberry and raspberry smoothie
I hid my matcha in a blueberry, blackberry and raspberry smoothie

I’ve tried matcha before but not regularly (i.e. I kept forgetting I had it) so when Teapigs asked me if I wanted to take part in their matcha challenge to take matcha every day for two weeks and let them know how I felt at the end of the challenge, I accepted.

Teapigs sent me everything I needed to get going. A pot of matcha, a shot glass and measuring spoon, a hand-held whisk/milk frother and a chart on which to tick off each day of the challenge (which will be a great aid in reminding me to take my matcha).

Teapigs Matcha Challenge Kit
The Teapigs Matcha Challenge Kit

I’ve ticked off day one and if you’d like to join in the Teapigs Matcha Challenge, you’ll find all the information you need on the Teapigs website.

Additionally, they’re also holding a daily giveaway of a 30g pot of matcha for a photo selected from Instagram. To be in with a chance of winning, upload your Teapigs Matcha Challenge photo to Instagram, tagging @teapigs and using the hashtag #matchachallenge.


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