Redwood Fish Style Steaks

FishlessSteaksI’ll start by saying JUST HOW MUCH I LOVED THESE. I’m always a bit wary of fish-style products, as they always seem unnatural and processed (which, of course, by definition they are) and although I love the Redwood Fish Style Fingers, when I’ve had the Quorn fish-style products, although they’ve been nice, I’m always aware I’m eating something that’s not quite right.

Redwood’s Fish Style Steaks are completely right. A fish-style steak with a crispy crumb, a white flaky inside and a natural, light fishy taste that had the Meat Eater reminding himself that he wasn’t eating real fish and even had him looking out for bones. (Just remembered that I didn’t tell him they were vegan. Ha, he doesn’t like liking vegan food.)

These were amazing and I’m definitely going to be looking for them in Holland & Barratt next time I’m in town.


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