Channel 4 is looking for vegetarians to be on the telly

I’m copying and pasting the info I got. Yes, I know they’re asking for ‘vegetarians’ to eat meat but I thought I’d post it anyway. If you want any further information, please email me.


The successful television series for Channel 4 called ‘The Food Hospital’ is returning.

The idea of the programme is to use cutting–edge, scientific knowledge to explore the possible health benefits of everyday foods in targeting a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. There’s plenty of evidence to say that our health and our diet are closely linked and current scientific research shows that certain foods can be used to treat some illnesses and / or their symptoms.

A key part of the show is to explore the scientific indications and benefits from eating certain foods and following certain diets and as such we plan to include some really thorough and investigative experiments that may help get to the bottom of some of these claims.

One area we are keen to look at is how a vegetarian diet affects the body and what the implications and benefits of being ‘meat free’ really are. We aim to answer a host of questions such as is eating meat detrimental to our digestion? Can being vegetarian improve our health? Do meat eaters have a higher iron intake than vegetarians and if so what are the best meat free alternatives?

In order to do this we are looking for a group of vegetarians that would be willing to take part in our experiment by introducing organically sourced meat into their diet over the course of a week. Our expert medical team would then monitor and assess the changes and affects eating meat actually has on our bodies. For example, participants may be interested to find out whether they are in fact lacking in any specific nutrients as a result of excluding meat OR whether meat drastically alters their energy levels or digestive system etc.

All the results would be based on a purely scientific basis and our highly respected dieticians, doctors and nutritionists will be on hand to advise the participants as to the best possible diets for them to continue with.

We appreciate and respect that people choose not to consume meat for many different reasons, but we would love to hear from a group of vegetarians who are willing to assist us with this fascinating experiment – all in the name of science.

I was wondering whether it was possible to get some info out to your followers either on your website, forum or facebook page in case there are any groups out there interested in taking part.

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  1. This is an interesting opportunity but I’m not sure I could eat meat and I’d worried it’d be used as an opportunity to mock the vegetarian diet, saying that we’re lacking in nutrients. I will look forward to watching it though to see how things pan out.

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