Cauliflower, egg & potato curry

It’s a BBC Good Food week this week and tonight’s recipe says it’s a midweek curry treat but that was purely coincidental as I only decided to make this tonight to use up the egg in the fridge that was one day out of date.

I did wonder if it was going to be too hot for The Meat Eater but he said it was bordering on perfection.  As it has coconut milk in it, it was hot and creamy but not too spicy.   


I don’t know who got the bad egg though.

Here’s the link to the recipe (and where you can see a better photo than mine).

I made the quantity for 4 as it states (and unlike some recipes it really does feed four), but as I was freezing two portions, only used three eggs not six, as frozen hard-boiled eggs defrost really rubbery and are rubbish.

curry 002

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