Cashew Butter and Spirulina Powder

The people from My Vitamins and My Protein asked me if I wanted to try some of their products. Not being particularly into supplements which I assumed is all they sold, I wasn’t expecting there to be anything I fancied but thought I’d have a look anyway and on the My Protein website I saw a tub of cashew butter. I’ve seen other butters aside from peanut in Holland & Barrett but have never tried any, partly because of their price and partly because I’ve always been happy with peanut butter.

On the My Vitamins website, I saw a packet of Spirulina, which is also something I’ve never tried before but have seen mentioned lots of times as being some kind of superfood.


The cashew butter comes in a massive 1kg tub. I say ‘tub’, but ‘bucket’ would be nearer the truth.


Don’t be put off by the clinical packaging  – there’s no additives or chemicals in it, it’s purely roasted cashew nuts (96%) and organic sunflower oil. If you’ve never had cashew butter before, it’s similar to peanut butter but has a milder taste. I’ve been eating it on rice cakes.


On to spirulina. I don’t care how many benefits to your health, spirulina has, it stinks. According to the packaging: ‘spirulina is a nutrient dense algae that grows abundantly in fresh water’. If you swap ‘fresh water’ for ‘a swamp’ that sums up exactly how it smells. Still, no one’s asking you to eat it straight from the packet so I’ve been hiding it in smoothies where I can’t taste it.

For more information and to have a look at their other products (the ones suitable for vegetarians are all clearly labelled), visit the My Protein and My Vitamin websites.

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