Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet Plan – Day 6

Bodychef tropical fruit salad

I survived Saturday with no pizza and no wine, so Sunday was sure to be easy, right? Wrong! I craved Papa John’s pizza like a cat craves crème fraîche but at least I had a cheese sandwich to look forward to for lunch.

Before lunch though, I’d run 5 miles in my own DIY race; DIY right down to the post-race cup-a-soup and medal I presented myself with.


This bit isn’t really a confession, but I had some chocolate milk (as well as the cup-a-soup) after my run and runners need recovery fuel and it’s a well known fact – it may even be a scientific fact and not just a fact runners made up as an excuse to have chocolate – that chocolate milk is good recovery fuel. Well, that and beer but I’m staying off beer during this diet, which is why I did my own race and not the one I’d planned to do, as races don’t have the same appeal if there’s no trip to the pub for lunch after.

This bit really is a confession though – I’ve been having an after dinner mint EVERY SINGLE DAY during this diet. *ducks lightning strike*


Here’s the deconstructed cheese sandwich Bodychef sent to me. It contains a side salad (7 cals), chopped mixed salad (19 cals), low fat spread (40 cals), cheese (yay!) (109 cals) and wholemeal bread (192 cals).

Bodychef cheese sandwich
Deconstructed cheese sandwich

I resisted opening the fridge and getting out the mayonnaise and other condiments (I love condiments. I even love the word ‘condiment’) and reconstructed the deconstructed sandwich.

Bodychef cheese sandwich
Reconstructed cheese sandwich

I’m not going to lie, I am totally bored stiff with the side salad. I appreciate why it’s included as you get a lot of food for your calories – a massive amount for just 7 calories so you can fill up on it as much as you want, but it’s as boring as hell after the fifth time of eating it in a week.

Still, the chopped mixed salad was a welcome addition and as for the cheese sandwich – that barely touched the sides (could have done with some mayonnaise though).

Now. Let’s talk about my dinner, shall we? My Sunday dinner. You know, the dinner where a lot of people have a full roast with all the trimmings? Obviously, a vegetarian’s ‘full roast’ isn’t as traditional as meat-eaters’ roasts, but vegetarians also love roast potatoes and stuffing and Yorkshire puddings and vegetables and gravy.

Okay, so I wasn’t expecting a full roast – vegetarian or otherwise – but I wasn’t quite expecting this.

Bodychef chickpea patties
My Sunday roast

I’d been looking forward to the chickpea and vegetable patties (175 cals) but, as you can see, unfortunately they got a bit squished in transit. They were accompanied by 70g of green beans (17 cals) and although – despite what it looks like, covered in gravy, it tasted great – it’s just that being a total of under 200 calories for my main meal of the day, it just wasn’t enough.

Bodychef chickpea patties and green beans
You’re jealous of my dinner, admit it

I posted the above photo on Facebook and friends’ comments included, ‘What is it?’, ‘Where’s the rest?’, ‘Oh, the pity of it’ and – my favourite – ‘I’d add some potatoes and a bottle of wine’.

You know I began the post by saying I spent Sunday craving Papa John’s? This dinner didn’t help, I can tell you.

The tropical fruit salad (109 cals) I had after dinner though was gorgeous.

Bodychef tropical fruit salad
Tropical fruit salad

A tub full of strawberries, mandarins (or one of those other little orangey type fruits), kiwi fruit, grapes, pineapple and melon, went down well and was quickly followed by the fruit salad (64 cals) I didn’t have for Saturday’s breakfast.

Day 6 conclusion

Cheese sandwiches need condiments. Chickpea patties don’t travel well. I need to eat more tropical fruit. Papa John’s cravings can come on really strong but can be resisted.

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