Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet Plan – Day 7

The end is nigh. Just one full day today and lunch tomorrow and I’ll be Bodycheffed out. As usual, I eschewed Bodychef’s breakfast and had a nectarine instead. But at 9:30am, hunger struck and so I braved the supplied ‘special cereal’ (205 cals) with some soya milk. If ‘special’ is a synonym of ‘birdseed’, then this cereal has been named to perfection.

Bodychef special cereal
‘Special’ cereal

The special cereal’s mix of sliced almonds, pine nuts, oats and seeds is undoubtedly healthy but needed a bit of fruit to liven it up as on it’s own, it’s a bit dull.

I’ve been loving the lunches provided by Bodychef and today’s was no exception.

Bodychef oatcakes and cheese spread
I’m an oatcake convert

Oatcakes (165 cals), beetroot (83 cals), soft cheese (44 cals) and that flipping salad again (7 cals) were enjoyed and I’m definitely introducing oatcakes and spread into my lunches, along with salad (although salads more interesting than that side salad I’ve been eating all week).

At some point in the afternoon I had the strawberry yoghurt (90 cals) I hadn’t eaten on Sunday.

Bodychef yoghurt
Low fat strawberry yoghurt

A ‘special vegetable curry’ (231 cals) was on the menu for dinner, along with white rice (144 cals) and broccoli (33 cals).

Bodychef special curry
‘Special’ curry

I found broccoli an unusual accompaniment for curry – I’m more used to naan bread, samosas, pakoras and onion bhajis with my curry, but that’s possibily not very diet-friendly.

The curry was fine but as I’d started the diet with curry just a week ago, I’d have liked something different. Still, it was loaded with vegetables and filled me up, so I shouldn’t complain really.

I’d been sent a walnut and raisin oatcake (77 cals) for dessert, which looked like one of those seed cakes for hamsters and didn’t taste much better than I’d expect one to taste. It was tiny (5p shown for scale) and dry but I reckon it would be nice dipped in yoghurt.

Bodychef walnut and raisin oatcake
More of an oatcrumb than cake

Just breakfast (which I’ll probably skip) and lunch tomorrow, then my diet will be over.

Day 7 conclusion

Don’t trust the word ‘special’. Oatcakes are yum. Broccoli is a perfectly acceptable substitution for a samosa (this might be a lie).

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