Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet Plan – Day 5

Bodychef salad selection

Whoop, it’s the weekend and weekends mean stuffing my face with pizza or Indian or Chinese or whatever I fancy, along with lots of wine. Well, this weekend, that kind of weekend is for other people. But, hey, I’m tough – I can do this!

I had a nectarine (my own) for breakfast, but had I looked at the diet plan, I’d have seen that Saturday’s breakfast was a fruit salad and I could have coped with eating a fruit salad first thing.

Lunch was all the salad.

Bodychef salad selection
Lots of salad

This consisted of brown rice and sweetcorn salad (130 cals) which was fab; honey and mustard salad dressing (94 cals), which had the consistency of wallpaper paste but luckily didn’t taste like it and it gave a much needed boost to an otherwise boring side salad (7 cals); chopped mixed salad (19 cals) and what I’d really been looking forward to, the coleslaw (39 cals).

Bodychef salad
Practically a whole salad bar on a plate

Oh, hang on. Did I say coleslaw? What I meant was ‘grated carrot and shredded cabbage’. I’m sorry Bodychef, but this is not coleslaw. Okay, so coleslaw doesn’t have to contain mayonnaise, but mayonnaise is what most people expect in coleslaw, I’m sure. (Wikipedia has just informed me that ‘Coleslaw is a salad consisting primarily of finely-shredded raw cabbage and dressed most commonly with a vinaigrette salad dressing.’ but what does Wikipedia know, huh? Stupid Wikipedia.)

Coleslaw disappointments aside, I enjoyed the salad, especially the rice and sweetcorn bit. I’ve got to admit though, I’m getting fed up with the side salad and it’s never-changing combination of leaves, cucumber and tomato. It’s like being in a Wimpy burger bar in the 80s but without the burger.


My first ‘cheat’! I usually have at least three cups of low calorie hot chocolate a day but decided to not have any during the course of this diet trial. Today though, I fancied some and thought ‘sod it’ and had some. Keeping in the spirit of the diet though, I exerted a bit of self-control and didn’t take ‘2 heaped tsps’ to my usual extreme (you can fit a lot in a heaped tsp if you really try) but the end result was a disappointing, watery hot chocolate and I wished I hadn’t bothered.


Ah, dinner time. Despite what I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t always turn into an alcohol-fuelled gluttonous pig at the weekend but I do tend to have food that is slightly unhealthier than I would in the week. Bodychef obviously know people like their pizza and pasta at the weekend as they gave me lentil spaghetti bolognese (188 cals) and spaghetti (171 cals) for dinner.

Bodychef lentil spaghetti bolognese
Where’s the rest of the spaghetti?

They forgot the garlic bread and Parmesan-style cheese though. Dammit, Bodychef, don’t you know you can’t have pasta without garlic bread? Would you have Sooty without Sweep? Pinky without Perky? Mel without Sue?

The lentil bolognese was fine, livened up with a few chilli flakes and black pepper. Once again, I learned you don’t need a ton of pasta to fill you up. The 50g was ample, so I’ll be cutting down on my usual 75-100g.

Bodychef lentil bolognese
Big space for garlic bread

While I made this, The Meat Eater made himself burger and chips, along with the obligatory trimmings of burger sauce, relish, plastic cheese, gherkins and jalapenos. Git.

Dessert was compote and I’ve never had compote (109 cals) before and it seemed to be apple and apricot crumble filling left to go cold but don’t take that in a bad way – I enjoyed it.

Bodychef compote
Compote. A posh way to say ‘cold apple crumble filling’

Day 5 conclusion

Rice salad is yum. There are a lot of calories in a titchy bit of salad dressing. Low calorie hot chocolate is only nice if you squeeze 3 tbsp into 1 tsp. Pasta can be eaten without garlic bread and parmesan-style cheese and wine (this might be a lie). ‘Compote’ is a posh word for ‘cold apple crumble filling’.

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  1. Pasta portion sizes has been a long term downfall of mine!

    Yeah, I got fed up of the side salads when I did it, I still had 3 half full side salad tubs in the fridge when I finished!

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