Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet Plan – Day 3

Bodychef golden veg and bean stew

Like yesterday, I skipped breakfast but not for long, as I had the granola (196 cals) with some soya milk after my run. If you’ve ever weighed out a 35-45g portion of cereal, you’ll know you don’t get much in a bowl for the number of calories it contains. I weighed a portion-size out for a friend many years ago and he almost fainted at the amount, as he said he usually filled the bowl to the top.

Bodychef granola
I keep forgetting I like granola

I enjoyed the granola but then again, I always enjoy granola when I have it and I should have it more often.

After yesterday’s delicious lunch of feta and pepper spread, I had high hopes for today’s lunch of roasted aubergine and chickpea pâté (135 cals). Once again, the pot contained a generous amount and I spread it onto the tortilla wrap (135 cals) and added the beetroot (83 cals).

Bodychef aubergine and chickpea pate wrap with beetroot
I’ll use less beetroot next time

The pâté was tasty but slightly overpowered by the beetroot. I also would have liked a bit of salad to go with it.

Bodychef had supplied a small pot of blueberries (27 cals) to have at lunchtime, which I ate straight after the wrap. I also had the supplied snack of 8 dried apricots (75 cals) in the afternoon, along with a nectarine that isn’t on the diet plan but I reckoned if you’re going to fret about a nectarine, that’s probably heading towards an eating disorder (just don’t eat twenty of them in a day).

I cooked the dinner of golden veg and bean stew (270 cals) on the hob to see if this improved the taste and texture of the food, which it did. Broccoli (33 cals) and two new potatoes (70 cals) accompanied the stew. Usually, I’d have butter or relish with potatoes and veg but to keep with the diet, I just added a bit of black pepper.

Bodychef golden veg and bean stew
Just two potatoes? Waa.

I had been enjoying this meal (especially the potatoes which were a welcome change from grains) until The Meat Eater came in and showed me his thumb which he’d cut. I’m so squeamish, it doesn’t take much for me to be put off my food and so I only ate half my dinner.

My stomach settled enough by later on though to have the grapes (60 cals) that Bodychef had supplied for dessert.

Day 3 conclusion

Remember to eat more granola. Go easy on the beetroot. Food is definitely nicer when it hasn’t been microwaved. Eat my dinner in a locked room away from any flesh wounds.

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