Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet Plan – Day 2

Today’s breakfast should have been deluxe muesli (234 cals) and yoghurt (90 cals), but I’m not a fan of eating solids for breakfast so I had the fresh pineapple and mango (83 cals) that should have been yesterday’s dessert in a smoothie with some soya milk (you provide your own milk).

pineapple and mango smoothie
It’s a bit green because I added some matcha

Lunch was mixed leaf and tomato salad (10 cals), oatcakes (165 cals), feta and pepper spread (155 cals).

This was soooooooooooo good
This was soooooooooooo good

Oh my god, this was delicious. The pot of feta and pepper spread was huge – you can see how thickly I spread it onto the oatcakes. I even had some left over to liven up the salad a bit. The spread had a strong cheesy taste and as soon as I’d eaten this, I was on the internet looking up feta and pepper spread recipes, it was that good. If Bodychef just sent me this to eat for a week, I’d be happy. Just looking at the photo now makes me want to eat it again.

In the afternoon, I had the yoghurt that I should have had as breakfast, as a snack. I’m not going to post a photo of yoghurt as I’m sure you all know what a tub of yoghurt looks like. All I can say is that it was a low fat raspberry yoghurt and it was very nice. My cat liked it too, but she’s a complete dairy fiend – give her a tub of crème fraîche and she’s anybody’s. (I should probably point out I have never fed my cat a tub of crème fraîche but she’ll meow the house down should you open a tub of it within her nose range.)

I had white rice (144 cals) and mixed bean and lentil hotpot (234 cals) for dinner. Once again, I looked at the bag of rice and thought I’d starve but once it was cooked, I saw it was a ‘normal’ size portion after all.

Plenty of rice
Plenty of rice

I found the mixed bean and lentil hotpot a bit tasteless and watery, but that could be because I cooked it in the microwave. I’ve never been a fan of food cooked in microwaves. I’m not sure if it’s just in my head, but to me, it’s just not the same as food that’s been cooked in an oven or on the hob.

Dessert was fresh fruit salad (66 cals), which was just like the fruit salad I remembered making at school which was probably the last time I ate fruit salad. Nice enough, but unremarkable.

Fruit salad, like the ones we made at school
Fruit salad, like the ones we made at school

Day 2 conclusion

Never eating anything except feta and pepper spread on oatcakes again. What would appear to be a small portion of rice is actually plenty. Fruit salad hasn’t changed since the 80s.

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