VegFest London 2016

VegFest London 2016

I’ve been to the London VegFest a couple of times in the past. The two things that I remember most are a) it gets REALLY crowded; and b) I should have taken a bigger rucksack with me. It was at VegFest I first discovered Vego Bars. They were on sale for 3 for £10 and I thought WOAH, THAT’S REALLY EXPENSIVE but my friend Lynda said they were worth it and so I trusted her judgment and bought some. If you’ve never seen a Vego Bar, you won’t know how massive they are so when I saw them, I thought, ‘well, they may not be cheap but they’re so big, they’ll last a year’. HA. WRONG. They may well be massive but they’re so incredibly yum, they won’t last a year – you’d be showing restraint of epic proportions if a bar lasted a day, they’re that nice.

Anyway, VegFest isn’t just about Vego Bars, that’d be weird. VegFest has hundreds of stalls selling everything from clothes (I got a fab skirt and jacket) to cheese to cream cakes. There are even stalls selling stuff that doesn’t begin with C, such as a tofu press from Tofuture (you can read my review of their fab press here). As you’d expect, there are plenty of free samples to try and most products are sold at a discount for shoppers at the festival.

In between all the shopping, you can listen to talks, watch demos or just chill out in the licensed bar (guess who had a happy face when she saw there was a bar?)

Although you can just turn up on the day, I do believe it sold out last year and people were turned away, so it’s best to buy a ticket in advance. And don’t forget to bring your appetite and a big bag!

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the London Vegfest website.

Disclaimer: VegFest are providing me with tickets for the festival in return for this post but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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