Veganuary: Vegan Sausages, Chips, Beans and Onion Rings

Linda McCartney vegan sausages, chips, beans and onion rings
Linda McCartney vegan sausages, chips, beans and onion rings

My diet may not at the moment consist mostly of chocolate and cheese, as it did over Christmas, but I’m embarrassed about the main meals I’ve been dishing up so far during Veganuary. Although they’ve been nice enough, they’ve been unadventurous and stodgy and most days have involved potatoes. I don’t know whether this is a subconscious thing and I’ve been serving potatoes to keep The Meat Eater happy (he may be anti-vegan but he’s very pro-potato, even though I keep telling him potatoes are vegan).

Last night’s dinner must be the most unadventurous yet – vegan sausage and chips. Somehow sausage and mash seems more of a ‘proper’ dinner than sausage and chips, probably because mash is more ‘cooking’ and chips are more ‘bung in the oven’ but, after weighing up the pros and cons of mash or chips, there then came the decision of beans or peas and it all got too complicated so I bunged some chips in the oven and opened a tin of beans. Dinner sorted.

Lunch had been a salad wrap the same as I had yesterday and since I’ve been having just salad in my wraps, I’m wondering why I used to feel the need to put something extra like tofu or cheese in them – it’s really not needed (and before you say ‘what about protein’ – the wraps have had hummus in them and chickpeas are a source of protein). But now Friday chippy night is going to be tofush and chips night, I’m going to save my tofu for then.

Tonight’s dinner isn’t going to be particularly healthy either – it’s either going to be a vegetable tart or a vegetable pasty-type thing, i.e. I’m either going to lay vegetables on top of some puff pastry and keep it open or I’m going to fold the pastry over. Check back tomorrow to see which I choose. Get me and my cliffhangers.

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  1. Cathy! It’s winter! It’s the UK! 😛 You’re allowed to eat stodge! At least its plant-based stodge and not cholesterol filled meat based stodge! So long as you’re eating a range of foods over the week (salad and houmous for lunch is great) then I wouldn’t worry too much! You could always hop over to my blog for some new inspiration! At the moment I’m only posting once a week but there’s enough easy recipes on there to last out Veganuary…even for the anti-vegan man (I have one of those too!) 😛

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