Vegan Monday: Goodlife Spicy Bean Quarterpounders

Oh dear. I had planned to make goulash with dumplings, even making my own dumplings this time as Aunt Bessie’s ones – although tasty – aren’t vegan. But I spent so long playing Candy Crush, it got late and I couldn’t be bothered to start cooking something ‘proper’, so I heated up some oven chips, a tin of baked beans and a couple of Goodlife Spicy Bean Quarterpounders. (The Meat Eater is beginning to enjoy Vegan Mondays as he says it usually involves eating chips and baked beans.)


I’ve never been much of a fan of Goodlife products and the quarterpounders haven’t changed my opinion. They were a decent size, nice and crispy on the outside, but the inside was a bit mushy and I couldn’t detect any spice.

The quarterpounders were amongst a load of vegan goodies sent to me by Ocado.


Ocado certainly helped with Vegan Monday today, as I munched on Booja Booja truffles which were absolutely delicious


and dunked vegan chocolate biscuits into my vegan hot chocolate.


Next Vegan Monday, I’ll try to be prepared enough to make something that doesn’t involve heating up chips and beans.

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