Spinach and cheese muffins


A friend on Facebook mentioned he’d had a spinach and cheese muffin. I’d never heard of a spinach and cheese muffin but I love spinach and I love cheese and I especially love them together so I trawled the internet for a recipe.

I found this one at Uma’s Kitchen Experiments, went to the supermarket to buy spinach, muffin cases and a muffin tin (and accidentally came back with spinach, muffin cases, a muffin tin, a pack of Rolo Ice Creams, two Halloween-themed packets of cake bars, a big bag of crisps, a cardigan and a stripy top) and made my first ever batch of muffins. Delicious. Definitely not the last batch I ever make.


I halved the recipe to make six muffins instead of twelve, and also used a couple of shallots instead of buying a red onion just to use a quarter of it.

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