Savse raw smoothies


I’m always dubious by those smoothies you find on the shelves. Are they really as healthy as they make out? I’m not so sure.

Savse raw smoothies, however, are so healthy, just one little bottle provides you with two of your five a day. They’re 100% natural, unpasteurised, contain no added sugar and each bottle bursts with fruit and veg.

I tried the least scary looking one first – rhubarb, carrot, strawberry, apple and yoghurt which was thinner than I was expecting (it’s not smoothie-thick) but beautifully tasty and refreshing.

Feeling braver today, I tried one containing broccoli, pear, spinach, kale, lemon and banana. Delicious, although one to avoid if you don’t like bits in your drink – personally, I liked the extra dimension they gave it and I’m saying that as someone who’s not usually a fan of bits in drinks.

Savse raw smoothies come in five combinations, and you can find out where to buy them on their website.

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