Saganaki cheese and spinach stuffed mushrooms

Yamas! sent me some some of their Saganaki cheese to try. Have you heard of Saganaki cheese before? No, neither had I. According to the packet you fry it in a dry pan for 30 seconds each side and it’ll turn brown.

Well, when I tried it, it didn’t turn brown but it did change in texture and taste. I used it with spinach as the topping on a portobello mushroom. I loved it (although the Saganaki was rubbery – maybe I fried it for too long?) but the flavour was too strong for The Meat Eater who said it tasted like blue cheese (it doesn’t).

Anyway, I enjoyed it and finished what The Meat Eater left on his plate.


Saganaki cheese and spinach stuffed mushrooms (serves 2)

150g Saganaki cheese
100g fresh spinach, chopped
2 portobello mushrooms
Reggae Reggae Sauce (or marinade of your choice)

Brush the mushrooms with Reggae Reggae Sauce and bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the Saganaki on both sides for about 30 seconds each, then slice into cubes.

Rinse the fresh spinach and cook in the pan you cooked the cheese in, stirring until wilted.

Add the cheese to the spinach and mix together.

Place the cheese and spinach on top of the mushrooms and bake for 10 minutes.

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