Redwood Meatless Feast Pizza

Redwood_Meatless_FeastRemember those small, shrink-wrapped pizzas you used to (or still can for all I know) get in the supermarket? Those nasty, cheap things you put under the grill for about 5 minutes and ended up with some burnt cheese on top and a frozen base?

That’s kind of what I thought this pizza from Redwood would be like as it’s small (just 7”) and shrink-wrapped. It’s got a thick base, and toppings of vegan spicy beef, vegan ham, vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese. It was the vegan cheese I was the most scared of as my experience of vegan cheese so far hasn’t impressed me.

However, I put it in the oven along with my non-vegan (but vegetarian, obviously) leftovers from Papa John’s the week before to compare them (a bit of an unfair comparison but hey ho).

vegan pizza 002

Remember what I said earlier about it reminding me of those nasty, horrible, cheap, small, shrink-wrapped pizzas? Forget that, this was fab. The base – although thick – was light, crispy and not at all doughy. The ‘meaty’ flavours were lovely and smoky and strong enough but not overpowering and the cheese had an authentic taste, although the texture was slightly cloying.

I am impressed and if I ever decided to be vegan, it’s nice to know that I wouldn’t have to give up ready-made pizza.

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