Tyrrells’ Red, White and Blue Crisps

tyrrells-red-white-and-blue-crispsDiamond Jubilee crisps, how cool is that? I know not everyone’s patriotic and I’m hardly a royalist (although I do think the Queen is quite sweet), but I do love all the flags everywhere. Which is just as well, seeing as my next-door neighbours have a Union Jack (please don’t bother commenting that it’s only called a Jack when it’s at sea – that was outmoded a long time ago and we’re allowed to call them Jacks now) up a pole, Union Jack bunting and little Union Jack flags on the fence.

Anyway, so when Tyrrells asked me if I wanted to try some red, white and blue crisps made of red, white and blue potatoes (the Highland Burgundy Red, the White Lady Claire and the Salad Blue) I said ‘yes please!’

The crisps were great. Crunchy like most of the quality hand-cooked brands (i.e. not Walkers) are, although like most salt flavour crisps, I found them a bit greasy.


So, if you’re having a Diamond Jubilee party this weekend, you know which crisps to get. Do you think The Queen will be having them? Maybe she feeds them to the corgis.

These very rare crisps will be available for a very limited time in 150g sharing bags, with an RRP of £2.99 they will be available from some of the nations finest stores including Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose and leading independent stores.

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