Raw Vegan Cashew & Date Balls


Like last week, this afternoon I prepared myself something to eat for when I got back from a run this evening. Like last week, I couldn’t resist ‘testing’ it first. I’d made myself a pasta salad with pesto, spinach, toasted pumpkin seeds and toasted pine nuts and it’s sitting in the fridge, taunting me. I remembered I had cashews and dates in the cupboard and thought, there must be something I can make with them to have as a healthy snack to stop me pigging out on the pasta? So I googled and found this recipe. It’s simply a cup of cashews, a cup of dates and a tablespoon of coconut oil put into a food processor for a couple of minutes, then rolled into balls and I can tell you this – they’re flipping delicious.


I reckon they’d be even nicer – if that’s possible – also rolled in desiccated coconut.

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