Quorn Salmon & Dill Fishcakes

quornQuorn have a new fish range out.

In the past, I’ve eaten Redwood’s Fish Style Fingers quite a few times. The first time I tried them, I was immediately transported back to being 14 years old and getting home from school; they were – as far as I could remember – just like the real thing (although that was only the first time. On subsequent times I’ve had them, they haven’t seemed that authentic [which will be a good thing for many people]. I’ve also tried Redwood’s Thai Fish Style Cakes but they weren’t for me and after eating two of them, the rest of the packet went into the bin.

We gave Quorn Fish Fingers a go and they were ok, but a bit dry and bland and nowhere near the texture of fish (although, I don’t want them too ‘fishy’, just like I don’t want meatfree products too ‘meaty’. I like meatfree products like Quorn and supermarkets’ own range meatfree stuff for what they are, not because they’re ‘fake’ meat [but that’s not something I’m going to go into on this blog]).

The new Quorn fishcake range that I’d seen in the supermarket had made me a bit squeamish. Quite a few times, I’d lingered over them but moved on without buying them. That’s probably because while us veggies have been used to burgers and sausages being around for ever, veggie (or vegan; all Redwood’s products are vegan [unlike Quorn that contains milk and egg]) fish products are relatively new. Still, I was brave and put some Quorn Salmon and Dill Fishcakes in the trolley and served them up for dinner.

Unlike a lot of breaded products that are oven baked, these came out nice and crispy. Perfectly crispy, in fact. They’re very thick and substantial – a lot thicker than I expected and that was a bit off-putting. Also a bit off-putting was the colour; a pale greyish pinkish colour. A faint taste of fish came through but not overpowering. On the whole, they seemed a bit weird at first, but perfectly pleasant, although not something I’d have on a regular basis.

Now then, when will I be brave enough to try the Quorn Tuna Style Melts that are currently in the freezer?

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  1. I have tried veggie fish fingers in the past and found the quorn and redwood ones both very bland, but I favoured the redwood ones. I would like to try the fish style cakes but also I am a bit worried, but I think I’ll pick them up next time. I need to at least try them!

    I have also tried redwoods tuna style paste, as I was fed up of cheese sandwiches or the veggie deli style meat slices. That was ok, but I found I had to dress it up a bit, with mayo, cucumber and pickles to make it more appetising.

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