Cookbook: Vegetarian Food for Kids

vegetarian_food_for_kidsA while back, I was sent The Newlywed’s Vegetarian Cookbook. Thinking I was hinting at something, The Meat Eater got a bit nervous when he saw it on the dining table. When he saw a copy of Vegetarian Food for Kids his face turned the colour of a turnip (I should probably point out that that’s where the similarity to any kind of root vegetable ends).

I wondered what I’d do with a vegetarian cookbook for kids. I thought it would be all beans on toast and other unsophisticated meals like that (don’t get me wrong, I love beans on toast, but I don’t need a recipe for it). But then I saw under the ‘Lunchboxes and snacks’ chapter a recipe for an avocado and chickpea wrap. Wow, that’s a bit posher than the Kraft Dairylea on white sliced my mum used to pack me off to school with (although I actually hate avocado and would rather have a Kraft Dairylea Triangle any day, to be honest).

The other chapters in the book are:

Soups and fast food
Kid’s favourites
Family feasts

Originally – before going through the book – I had planned to give it away on my blog. But after seeing recipes such as:

Pizza soup (yes, really!)
Bean, cheese and tomato quiche with a buckwheat crust
Creamy orzo pasta bake
Breakfast bread and butter pudding with dried apricots and cranberries
Multi-grain granola bars
Veggie chilli with roast pumpkin wedges
Butternut squash and chestnut crumble

I decided to keep it for myself, sorry.

With over 60 recipes for all the family and crammed full of gorgeous colour photos, this is definitely not a cookbook just for kids.

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  1. Great blog! I used to have problem feeding my kid but everything changes after I read this blog. It is full of ideas that can surely encourage my child to eat more.

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