Greenall’s Gin and Pink Grapefruit


This was the second time I’ve ever had gin. The first time was in a goth club in Liverpool in 1989 when someone had smuggled a bottle in and I tried some. Actually, I’m not sure if I tried it or just smelt it. I definitely remember smelling it though and it smelt like paraffin.

Greenall’s Gin and Pink Grapefruit doesn’t smell like paraffin, it smells like grapefruit. It also tastes of grapefruit but it doesn’t overpower the taste of the tonic and gin.

Now I am no longer a goth and now embrace all things pink (although my inner goth still burns darkly), the colour appealed to me.

It’s nice, buy some. It’s 6.5%, comes in a 250ml can and can be bought in all major supermarkets for around £1.85.

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