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I cancelled my Graze box about eleven months ago when I moved house. Partly because I thought I’d save my money, partly because they kept sending me seeds and partly because I thought not having high calorie (albeit healthy and delicious) snacks delivered through my letterbox would be more conducive to losing weight.

But then I started seeing Tweets about flapjacks and focaccia topped with cheese and onion and I thought mmmmm, maybe I should get a box again, you know, just a one-off, just to have a look, not to commit myself to a weekly one, you understand.

And so I did. My box was duly delivered by my orange postman and inside the box were 7 fruits flapjacks, kalamata & amphissa olives in a med marinade, fiery cashews and west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia.

Also inside the box is a napkin and a little personalised booklet giving you the nutritional information about each item, along with some vouchers to give your friends so they can get a free box, and when they sign up for a free box, Graze will give you £1 off your next order (or you can choose to give £1 to charity).

If you’d like a free box, go to and enter this code: 26RFNXZ3.

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  1. I keep debating whether to cancel my Graze deliveries or not. Keep getting the same stuff a lot of the time – olives! Lots of olives! For the moment I’ve knocked it down to just one delivery a month to see how it goes and to save a bit of money.

  2. I have enjoyed my graze box for the last few months. But yesterday notice that you have over charged me every week instead of every 2 weeks.could you please sort this out as soon as possible, I’ve only received one box so far every fortnight and not every week and should not be charge me for something which I didn’t received .I should only pay for one graze box every two week and not weekly.If not, I would like to cancel my order. Would appreciated a reply. Thank you.

  3. I’ve been grazing for a couple of months now and really like the fact you can tell them not to send certain items. I can’t stand olives, so I just clicked “no” to all the olive products, and hey presto, never any icky olives.

  4. Hi,

    I’m not from graze Kim, but if you wish to check your payment details login . Go to my account & then payment history. From there you can even cancel your deliveries if that is needed. But first you might prefer send them an email letting them know you think you have over paid

    Important to note that everything from their range is set on ‘try’ unless you go to ‘browse & rate’. To specify what you wish to receive in your box, remember to check the ‘try soon’ box under the items you would like. Remembering you will only get 4 each box- but don’t forget to rate the items again once you have tried them, because they will revert back to ‘try’.

    If you don’t rate products you have no choice over what you get, as they are all set on ‘try’- so make sure you rate items before they are sent. You can also rate to ‘bin’ which ensures you never get certain items.

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