Chilli jam

The Meat Eater was very successful at growing chillies this year and ended up with a greenhouse full of them. Which is a good thing as I love chillies but what to do with so many?

Chilli jam, that’s what.

Chilli jam sounds weird. And that’s because it is weird. It’s not jam like you’d have on your toast (although I have been having it on ricecakes with my soup for lunch); apparently you have it with cold meat (or, in my case, fake meat) or cheese or add it to soups or stews or chillies or, well, anything really. It has a very thick jelly-like texture and isn’t burning hot but makes your throat warm and your lips tingle.

Go make it. I made it from Nigella’s recipe.

chilli jam 001

In the pan, bubbling away (or, a rollicking boil, as Nigella puts it).

chilli jam 002

Close up bubbles.

chilli jam 007

Cooling down.

chilli jam 008

All jarred up (the recipe makes four jars, I halved the ingredients to make two).

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