Gratin of white cabbage & lentils in a Provencal sauce

I hadn’t planned anything for dinner tonight and didn’t want to get moaned at by The Meat Eater so thought I’d better rustle something up and so I had a look on the BBC Good Food website to see what they had involving cabbage, as I had some left over from last week’s Riverford vegetable box delivery (well, kale, anyway; same thing isn’t it? Sort of?) and came across their gratin of white cabbage & lentils in a Provencal sauce recipe.

I was a bit perturbed by the reviews, as they were mostly along the lines of ‘it was ok but wouldn’t bother making it again’ but it’s one of the nicest meals I’ve made in a long time and will definitely be making it again.

As I didn’t have a white cabbage and only had about 150g of kale, I made up the difference with brussel sprouts, which I cut in half. I also added a spoonful of chilli jam (that I made yesterday; I’ll blog it soon) but not sure if that made any difference to the taste.

gratin 004

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