Quick and Easy Vegan Winter Foods

collage of easy vegan winter food

I love the summer. I love the sun and the heat and it motivates me to drink more smoothies and juice and eat more salad. I moved to the seaside in July and although I thought it must be illegal for it to be anything but the summer at the seaside, it’s not, and winter arrived along with the cold and the rain and the wind and the sleet and the snow just like everywhere else.

I’ve got to admit, I find it difficult to eat salad in the winter and even my beloved smoothies get neglected, leaving half-used bags of frozen fruit languishing in the freezer and half-used cartons of almond milk going off in the fridge, but it’s not all bad news as it means I can eat healthy and warming soups, stews, curries and chillies instead (and if I can’t be bothered to cook, there are always deliveries, of course. Yay for deliveries).

If you need some inspiration for easy vegan and vegetarian meals to cook this winter, here are a few of my own recipes that I’ll be making during these cold months.

Vegan Cabbage Soup With Ginger & Harissa

vegan cabbage soup with harissa and ginger

Like most of my soups, this was a ‘what vegetables do I need to use up and what can I chuck in with it?’ type of soup. I know it sounds a bit odd but give it a go. If you haven’t got any harissa in, add some chilli flakes.

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Vegan Goulash With Dumplings

Photo of vegan goulash with dumplings

I’ve made this stew so many times. In fact, I’m making it today in my slow cooker and adding some Linda McCartney Sausages into it to have tonight. I even make my own dumplings now and don’t make them out of a packet. Get me, Miss Domestic Dumpling-Making Goddess.

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Vegan Aubergine, Mushroom, Sweet Potato Massaman Curry

Aubergine, mushroom and sweet potato massaman curry

Another easy slow-cooked meal I make often – or a variation of as you can use whatever vegetables you fancy at the time/have in the fridge. I also found out the other day, it’s great on chips.

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Vegan Chilli

Heart healthy veggie chilli

I love chilli. It’s great with rice or couscous, on top of chips or – my favourite – on a jacket potato topped with cheese and sour cream. Yum.

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Maybe winter’s not so bad after all. (No, it is. It really is. Come back summer.)

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  1. Wow….this is the complete pack of delicious recipes. I liked your blog. Sweet Potato Massaman Curry, is looking yummmm.

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