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I did Veganuary in 2016. I didn’t do it in 2017 because – to be blunt and because I haven’t really got a valid reason – I couldn’t be bothered. However, I’m now practically plant-based, partly thanks to moving to a town with a veggie/vegan cafe just down the road and an Italian restaurant that has vegan cheese for their pizzas and partly thanks to living on my own again and being able to eat whatever the flipping flop I want no matter how vegan it is. (Yes, me and The Meat Eater have parted ways but don’t worry, it’s all amicable. And I mean properly amicable, not amicable as in publicly-announce-on-Facebook-it’s-amicable-then-publicly-slag-each-other-off-on-Facebook-a-week-later-amicable.)

In case you don’t know what Veganuary is and you’re wondering what I’m waffling on about, Veganuary is a pledge to adopt a vegan diet for the month of January.  Since Veganuary’s inception in 2014, more and more people have joined with there being 3,300 participants in the first year, 12,800 in 2015, 23,500 in 2016, 59,500 in 2017 and they’re expecting over 150,000 this year. Each year a large percentage stays vegan after January (here’s an interview with my friend Jacqui who went from fully-fledged meat-eater to passionate vegan after taking part in Veganuary 2015).

Book: How To Go Vegan

Veganuary book - How To Go Vegan

To help people get through Veganuary 2018 and beyond, the experts at Veganuary have written the book How To Go Vegan, which is an easy guide to – guess what? – yep, how to go vegan. How To Go Vegan covers:

  • Why try vegan? Animal welfare, the environment, health benefits and your personal adventure.
  • Vegan out in the world: Eating out, eating at friends’ houses, answering questions from loved ones, travelling vegan.
  • Vegan at home: Surprisingly vegan foods, reading labels, vegan ingredient essentials, easy replacements, how to be the only vegan in the family.
  • Living the vegan lifestyle: Meal plans, tips and tricks, what to do if you’re struggling, how to celebrate being a vegan.

Veganuary book - How To Go Vegan - excerpt

As you can see, this isn’t a vegan cookbook (although there are a few recipes in it to start you off, such as Chocolate Chip Brownies); rather, it’s a guide to help you start your journey into veganism and give you all the tools you need to make the transition an easy one (and if you can’t find an answer in the book to any stupid questions you receive about why you’re thinking about going vegan, it’s a handy size to carry around with you so you can whack the stupid questioner over the head with it. Unless you buy it on Kindle. Please don’t bash anyone over the head with your Kindle and break it.)

Eating out as a vegan excerpt

Win a copy of How To Go Vegan

Would you like a copy of How To Go Vegan? I thought you might. All you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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How To Go Vegan by Veganuary will be published by Hodder & Stoughton on 28 December 2017 (who kindly supplied my review copy and the giveaway copy) with an RRP of £12.99. You can buy it as a paperback or for Kindle on Amazon.

For more information on Veganuary:

Visit the Veganuary website
Join the Veganuary Facebook page
Follow Veganuary on Twitter
Look at whatever Veganuary are posting on Instagram

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  1. Great post! The book looks like a really good read xxx

  2. Perfect for inspiration live creating food all the family can eat together regardless of wether they are vegan

  3. Sounds like a very interesting book, be good to work more vegan days into my veggie diet.

  4. This would be excellent as I plan to have an exciting new eating regime for the New Year.

  5. I have been toying with the idea for a while this may give me a push in the right direction.

  6. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years but this may help me to take it further and become a vegan.

  7. What a great chance to win this book! Hoping I’ll be lucky

  8. Sounds like a great book. I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life but am really interested in becoming a vegan in the future!

  9. This looks a good book to read .my son would like this as he is looking in to going vegan

  10. This sounds like a very interesting book to going vegan.

  11. Veganism is something that I’m interested in exploring, but the whole thing seems a little daunting! A helping hand would be good!

  12. never considered going vegan however i would love to live off the land and and lead a clean lifestyle.

  13. I am vegetarian along with my son and my husband is vegan so this book would give me lots of information and inspiring ideas.

  14. Would love to win – have fibromyalgia and desperately need to change my diet x

  15. Looks like a perfect Christmas present for my carnist mother ;D

  16. This looks great. I’ve been vegetarian for about six months now and I’m really interested in becoming vegan.

  17. this sounds interesting – a friend of mine is considering going vegan after being vegetarian for years, this would be great for her xx

  18. Been vegetarian since 1985 so it’s about time I try to become vegan

  19. I’m not vegan, but my friend is and I never know what to feed them.

  20. I’m a vegetarian. I can see the benefits of being a vegan but worried about how easy it is.

  21. Would love this to make my first attempt at Veganuary easier 🙂

  22. Thanks for this it looks like a very useful book. I’m almost a vegan, but need to take the final step, so this would be very useful.

  23. This book looks awesome, It’s so hard changing your diet, especially with a family! I think this would really help 🙂

  24. What a great book, I’m a veggie and have never crossed the water to veganism, would be great to see how easy it may be.

  25. This looks a really interesting and informative book. I’ve wondered how hard it would be to go Vegan.

  26. I became vegan this year but still sometimes struggle and need reminders about why I took the decision and this book looks just the ticket.

  27. This is my plan for Jan 1st so the book would be a great boost.

  28. I don’t know if I can do it or not, but I would love to learn how to incorporate more vegan cooking into my life. For me, it is definitely something that would need to be a gradual change. I don’t have a great deal of will power. Actually, I have tons of will power. It’s the won’t power I struggle with 😉 XXX

  29. Never heard of Veganuary before but now I’m really interested. I’ve been increasingly ‘flexitarian’ this year- reducing our meat intake to weekends only now (mostly to placate my meat-eating other half) but I’d like to take it further in 2018.
    Thanks for the (timely) post!

  30. I would love to try going vegan but I just am not sure what I would get to eat so this would be fab help!

  31. I would love this for my daughter. She is at Uni, became a vegetarian in September, and wants to be be a vegan but just need some help

  32. I’d love to win this, it would be a great resource to help us adapt our eating habits for the better. Thanks for running the competition!

  33. My sister has been Vegan for years, I keep wondering if I should take the leap too.

  34. I am interested about being vegan but slightly daunted. Veganuary seems a good place to start and along with this book id be set!

  35. Being a vegan is great. Everyone should do it. It’s more environmentally friendly too!

  36. This would be wonderful. I am currently a veggie and only buy cruelty free and would love inspiration on taking it further to being a vegan! ❤️

  37. I have a friend who is trying to convert to veganism and this book would be a great help to her

  38. I’ve been veggie for years, and been leaning towards veganism for the past few. I tried (and failed) Veganuarylast year, but I’m going to give it a better go next month. This book would be really useful.

  39. I’m intrigued, hoping to give it a try next month.

  40. Looking to make health changes, and this will be a great first step

  41. I didn’t realise they had written a book – what a good idea! Thank you for the chance.

  42. we are in the process of trying to fully convert to vegan so this would be really helpful

  43. This would be a great pressie for my mate who has just converted from veggie to vegan

  44. Looks a great prize. I am veggie but would like to try being a vegan.

  45. This would be a great help. I’ve considered going vegan but it’s a bit daunting.

  46. This sounds like a really useful book. I’d love to try doing Veganary and this would really help, I discovered too late last year

  47. great giveaway – looks like an interesting book to gain facts and information

  48. I’m a kind of limited vegan so i think this would help me a lot to explore more of the benefits of being a vegan

  49. This looks great. i am considering 2018 as going vegan free for myself and hubby

  50. I’m really interested in becoming vegan but have lots of questions. Looks like this book could really help!

  51. this would be fantastic, my best mate is vegan so this would help when she comes to stay

  52. My son intends going vegan – this would be a huge help

  53. This would be wonderful. I am trying a vegan diet to see if it will help with my nerve disorder xx

  54. I’m only 6 weeks into becoming a Vegan so this book would be very helpful 🙂

  55. Please consider me for winning the book How to go Vegan. Thank you

  56. sounds good as i eat meat out of habit and not for love of it.

  57. I have been vegetarian for over 30 years, I need to take the next step.

  58. It’s the cheese that stops me. I’m vegetarian. Have been since childhood (which was a long, long time ago). However, I’m addicted to cheese and have yet to find a vegan alternative.

  59. Thank you for this. I’m considering whether to go for the vegan option for health reasons mainly if I’m honest.

  60. Learning more about Vegan will help me with my diary free diet

  61. What a great prize. I am vegetarian and always wish I could go vegan so this would be a great help.

  62. This would be great to swat up on things I never knew about vegan!

  63. Convinced my meat obsessed boyfriend to go Veggie for Jan & Feb – a step into the right direction !

  64. id love this. im a vegetarian but im sure there will be alot in here that i can use

  65. This sounds like an great book guys book! I am vegetarian and would love to read this book

  66. Looks like a very useful book, would really help make veganuaryless daunting. Thanks

  67. I have recently turned vegan and would love more information on it.

  68. Sounds fantastic, I need some fresh idea of cooking.

  69. I’ve been vegetarian over 15 years and have always toyed with going vegan so this would be a really interesting read.

  70. I would love this book as I want to know more about vegan food

  71. This would be fab for me. Ibe been veggie for 5 years now and have been trying unsuccessfully to make the transition to vegan. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  72. My daughter has quite a few allergies, including dairy and chicken, so I’m really interested in a vegan diet!

  73. Always wondered how to go Vegan and if it would be really difficult, this book seems like the Oracle!

  74. I’m already vegan but I’d give this to my friend at work who’s thinking about going vegan

  75. Yes please, would help me switch from vegetarianism as has long been planned.

  76. what a great post and the book sounds very interesting, thanks for the chance

  77. Perfect to give me inspiration for my new years resolution on how to cook for a Vegan diet.

  78. Looks like a great book and would love to read it, thanks!

  79. I’ve been considering going vegan so this would be great to help me choose what to do and how it would be achieved for me and my family.

  80. This would be a great book for my friend as she is trying to go vegan but finds it hard at times.

  81. Ooo! I am doing veganuaryj this year for the first time and I really can’t afford this book but it would be a fabulous prize!

  82. I’d love this to help my transition from veggie to vegan.

  83. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Looks like an interesting read. Good luck everyone!

  84. I’ve been doing two days a week Vegan and want to step it up a bit.

  85. looks great i am actually doing veganuary this year – i went t get supplies today i cant believe how many products contain dairy or animal products like who knew bran flakes would or that olive oil spread is milk!

  86. Looks comprehensive. Helpful too, as it is sometimes daunting making wholesale changes to your diet.

  87. I have been cutting down my meat for years it is just too unhealthy and I dont like the way animals are famred, new years new healhtier lifestyle!

  88. I was considering doing this for january i think this book would make the transition a lot easier

  89. WOW WHAT A FAB PRIZE I LOVE TO TRY some these recipes out for sure

  90. Looks a great guide, already vegetarian but thinking of going vegan and this would be a great place to start!

  91. My son has been vegetarian for 5 years and is considering becoming a vegan. I want to make sure he is getting enough nutrition in his diet as he is only 15 and is still growing.

  92. Looking forward to starting Veganuary, and hoping to continue onwards through 2018. Perfect inspiration to start my journey

  93. Looks a good informative book, so you can make an informed decision on becoming vegan

  94. I would love to be vegan. This book would be perfect.

  95. I’d love to be vegan but no idea what i’d eat – this book would be great!

  96. I’d love this to give me an insight to going vegan

  97. I am always tempted to go vegan and am getting there slowly – this would be a great motivator!

  98. I went vegan for 14 days earlier and the year and I struggled with it as I found it difficult to know what to make, how to eat out .I learnt alot but would really like to try again with some additional knowledge.

  99. That’s great congrats to you! I’m trying really hard to stay stick to my vegan diet been cutting down and next year I want to do it 100%. Book seems like it would be helpful

  100. This looks great, lots of ideas and inspiration. Thank you very much for the chance to win and Happy New Year!

  101. I’d love to try the recipes in this book – my partner isn’t vegan but I think he’d love to try them too x

  102. Great prize. The book looks very helpful and interesting.

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