Dalepak Cauliflower Cheese Grills

dalepak_cauliflower_cheese_grills_2Years ago, before I was vegetarian, I used to eat cauliflower cheese grills. I have no idea if they were Dalepak but I used to eat them because the only meat I could afford was economy burgers and they were the vile scrapings from the abattoir floor. So I used to eat cauliflower cheese grills and put up with people asking me if I was vegetarian.

Back then, although I ate them, they weren’t all that really. The cheese was nice, but cheese always is. The breadcrumb coating was usually soft and I didn’t like cauliflower anyway, so now I’m wondering why I bothered with them at all.

Dalepak’s cauliflower cheese grills were nicer than the ones I used to eat in the 90s but there wasn’t enough filling – the grills were mainly breadcrumb. The breadcrumb was beautifully golden and crispy but I would have preferred the grills to be much thicker than they were as, if it hadn’t been for the slight cheesy taste, I wouldn’t have known there was any filling in them. Disappointing.


The mashed potato made from our homegrown potatoes was nice though.

homegrown_potatoes Dalepak Cauliflower Cheese Grills are Vegetarian Society Approved and available from Iceland, Heron Foods and Jack Fulton’s and cost £1 for a pack of 4.

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  1. Please advise where we can obtain Dalepak cauliflower cheese grills as Budgen’s at Keyworth do not stock them any more.

    Post code: LE12 6LB

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