In Nature Slim Lotus Tea


In Nature sent me some of their slim lotus tea to try. It comes in a beautiful box.


And on the back of the beautiful box it says Lotus Teas may assist:

Cancer prevention
Heart condition

and I am deeply dubious about claims made on the back of packs of tea. Wouldn’t you be?

Still, I said I’d try it, and after reading the instructions was thoroughly confused. Do I really need 11 steps of instructions written in poor English to make a cup of tea? No, I didn’t think so either.

I opened the packet and was surprised to see not the kind of tealeaves you usually get loose, but big bay-leaf size leaves. These guys aren’t lying when they say you’ll get leaves.

slim-lotus-tea-leaves I gave them a sniff and – ooh, they smelt lovely, fresh and light. The instructions said to use one or two teaspoons per 300ml cup or teapot but I didn’t know how many leaves would equate to one teaspoon so I just put a few in my teapot. Then I put a few more in and hoped for the best.

I let it sit for a couple of minutes then strained it into a cup and had a sip. WOW! I was amazed. This tea is beautiful. It’s light and fresh and leaves your mouth feeling clean. There was a slight menthol-ness to it which made me breathe easier.

This is a tea that I will definitely be drinking regularly – not just because it gives me an excuse to get my gorgeous red polka-dot teapot and cup out.

slim-lotus-tea For more information on the Slim Lotus Tea and the other teas in In Nature’s range, visit their website.

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