A Few Of My Kitchen Disasters

honeycomb boiling overWe all know about safety in the kitchen – don’t cook with saucepan handles sticking out where they can be easily knocked over, don’t leave hot oil unattended, don’t leave tea towels near the hob where they can catch fire, don’t have plug sockets near the sink, don’t stab someone for interfering while you’re cooking, etc. but what about other less life-threatening kitchen disasters that can occur? Here are a few of mine:

Smashing a wall tile while pressing tofu

Tofuture tofu press

Yes, really. I smashed a wall tile while I pressed some tofu. Before I got the amazing Tofuture Tofu Press, I used the pile-a-load-of-heavy-stuff-on-top-of-tofu method which was rubbish as a) it didn’t work well; and b) one day while I was pressing a block of tofu under a cast iron frying pan upon which I had balanced my Nutribullet, the Nutribullet and frying pan toppled off the tofu and crashed into the kitchen wall and broke a tile. A brand new tile. Oops. Get a tofu press, your tofu and your kitchen will thank you.

Nearly blowing up the Nutribullet cup


I possibly should have known about this before but now I know not to put boiling liquid into a Nutribullet. Why? Because the steam (I assume it’s the steam) will build up pressure in the cup and explode. I didn’t quite have an exploding cup but, when I unscrewed the base, the pressure that had built up inside made it almost explode in my face and I still shudder now thinking about that what-could-have-happened thing.

Ruined the ceiling while making tofish

Vegan tofush and chips and tartar sauce

I love tofish but I don’t love ceilings covered in oil, which is what happened one day when I was making tofish. The oil spat so high it covered the ceiling in oil. I suspect this is because the oil was dirty so the moral of this story is it’s cheaper to buy new oil than to hire a decorator to repaint the ceiling. I would imagine tofish tastes nicer cooked in fresh oil anyway. If you don’t like deep frying for health or safety reasons, you can always air fry your tofish instead.

Destroyed a pan making honeycomb

See that photo at the top of the post? Yep, that’s what happened when I made honeycomb. Honeycomb (which is vegan, by the way – honeycomb has no honey in it. My apologies if you already know this but I see lots of people asking in Facebook vegan groups how honeycomb can be vegan when it’s got honey in it) is stupidly easy to make as it only involves sugar, Golden Syrup and bicarbonate of soda but when you add the bicarb, it does some weird sciencey thing and bubbles up so make sure you use a big pan.

So, there’s a few of my kitchen disasters. I’m sure there’ll be many more to come!

This post was in collaboration with Electrical Safety First and if you’d like some more tips about safety in the kitchen (proper ones about staying safe and stuff), visit their website.

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