Warburtons Sandwich Thins: Cheese and Tomato Toastie

As scrumptious as sandwiches are, I fall asleep after eating one for lunch – plus, doesn’t bread contain about a billion calories or something? But Warburtons Sandwich Thins are – unsurprisingly – thin, only contain 100 calories and perfect for a lighter lunch.

The thins are cute (as much as bread can be cute), square, ready-sliced and when I took one out of the packet, I thought ‘this demands to be toasted’ and so I filled one with cheese, tomato, mustard, mayonnaise, black pepper and Tabasco and toasted it in the George Foreman (George Foreman grills are brill for making toasties/paninis).



They don’t have to be toasted, you can top them or fill them or do whatever you usually do with bread.

Warburtons Sandwich Thins are available in white, brown and seeded varieties, with an RRP of £1.26 for a pack of six.

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