Using Warburtons Square(ish) Wraps at a BBQ

When The Meat Eater arrived home on Friday, he announced he fancied a BBQ for dinner. So off we went to Tesco for provisions of a Linda McCartney BBQ Selection Pack, coleslaw, potato salad and beer.

I’d been sent some Warburtons Square(ish) Wraps to try and so, instead of the more traditional burger bun, decided to use those with the food. This proved to be a great choice as they’re versatile and not as heavy and dense as a burger bun.

I cut my wrap in half, as they’re big.


I folded one half over the Linda McCartney Chicken-style fillet, with salad leaves, mayonnaise and HP BBQ sauce.


The Meat Eater put a skewer of halloumi, mushrooms and red pepper marinated in Reggae Reggae Sauce on half a wrap and topped it with the other half.


I rolled up the other half of my wrap around a Linda McCartney sausage.


These wraps are the perfect size for a couple of burgers or sausages and leave you feeling just the right amount of full.

Warburtons Square(ish) Wraps are available in white, brown and seeded varieties.

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