Vegan leek and mushroom soup

Gulp, my last food post was over a month ago.  I have eaten since then, honest.  In fact, I’ve made a couple of great recipes from the wonderful Veganomicon, when I make them again, I’ll blog them.

I’ve also been making my weekly soup and having my weekly organic veg box delivered although with my imminent move to the country, my time has been filled mostly with making lists of things to do, and then not doing them.

But as I was deserted this morning by The Meat Eater citing reasons of wanting to ride motorbikes and jump out of aeroplanes, after customising my Twitter background (@jogblog if you want to follow me), I decided to make my soup early and after investigating the contents of my fridge, decided upon leek and mushroom soup.  With added potatoes and spring greens (the spring greens were a surprise, I was expecting spring onions.  Similar?  I don’t think so).

Serves 4
1 large onion
2 leeks
130g spring greens
200g mushrooms
150g new potatoes
2000ml stock
2 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tsp chili powder
Salt & pepper

Cook the onions and mustard seeds in some stock for a few minutes.  Add everything else.  After about 20 minutes, blend it.
Go back to ignoring your to do list.

Leed and mushroom soup, pre-whizz
Leek and mushroom soup, pre-whizz


Leek and mushroom soup, post-whizz
Leek and mushroom soup, post-whizz

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