Fiona Oakes: Vegan, marathon runner, superwoman

Fiona is running the London Marathon this year
Fiona is running the London Marathon this year

You’ve probably heard of Fiona Oakes.  She’s the founder of the Tower Hills Animal Sanctuary, where she cares for over 400 animals without making a single penny for herself (in fact, every month the feed bill exceeds donations by £2,200).

And as if that wasn’t enough, in her “spare” time she trains for marathons.  Lots of them.  And not only that, she’s bloody good at them too.  This year Fiona will be running London Marathon on 26 April.  But she won’t be at the back with the fancy dress brigade, she’ll be at the start with the elite women where she’s hoping for a top 20 place.

Please visit her website and do all you can to support her, she really is an inspiration.

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