Vegan food from Yumbles

large vegan snack hamper

Yumbles contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I’d like to try some of the range of vegan products they sell on their website. Well, of course I did but I wasn’t expecting such a huge variety to choose from. 

If you’ve never heard of Yumbles, it’s a curated marketplace of some of the best small batch independent producers in the UK. Your order goes direct to the producer, who will then prepare and send out your order. The upside to this is you get everything freshly prepared and beautifully packaged before being delivered to your door, but the downside is that means more deliveries and therefore more chance of your much-anticipated delivery of, say, a vegan cheese selection will end up at the Post Office. For example, I ordered three products, which meant three separate deliveries and, with no specific delivery date given, it was just luck I was in when they all arrived.

Still, that’s no different from ordering three different products from three different websites so it’s not really a problem, I’d just assumed my order would arrive together.

Large vegan snack and chocolate hamper

Large vegan snack hamper

There really is a huge number of vegan products and vegan gifts from Yumbles such as hampers, ‘cheese’, ‘meat’, chocolate, snacks, condiments, cake and treats and I’m not sure whether it was a good idea for me to order a large vegan snack and chocolate hamper because, out of its 25 products, there aren’t many left. 

Vegan burger sauce

vegan burger sauce

I didn’t hesitate to put this vegan burger sauce in my basket when I saw it as I haven’t found an egg-free burger sauce in the supermarket yet. (Of course, now I’ve just typed that and had a look at the burger sauces Tesco has to offer – three out of the four burger sauces they sell contain egg, and the only one that didn’t is one called ‘Made for Meat‘ but looks to me to be suitable for vegans. Ironic or what?)

I couldn’t wait to try this vegan burger sauce as I love burgers and I love burger sauce and this egg-free burger sauce tastes just like Sandwich Spread and when I say that, I don’t say it as a bad thing. Yum.

Erythritol Sugar Substitute

erythritol sugar substitute

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m trying to cut down on refined sugar and so this Erythritol sugar substitute intrigued me as it claims to be 100% natural, contains zero calories and doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and, after a quick google, it did indeed appear to be a healthy alternative to sugar and so I put that in my basket too (yes, I know I am one minute talking about eating a large hamper of vegan chocolate and the next minute talking about cutting down on refined sugar).

I’ve now tried the erythritol in cacao hot chocolate and although it’s passable as a sweetener in a small cup of it, it’s not so great when used in larger amounts and tastes a bit bitter (either that or I didn’t put enough in).

All in all, I’m very pleased with the products I received from Yumbles – the only problem I had was trying to choose from their vast range!

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