Bad Brownie Vegan Brownie Bites

Vegan brownie bites

Bad Brownie vegan brownie bites are brownies sent through the post which, let’s face it, on a scale of 1-10 of nice things to get in the post must rank at about 11.  

Bad Brownie box

Bad Brownie was founded by Paz and Morag, who started off baking their brownies in a tiny flat in Richmond to sell on a Clapham market stall, before going on to get financial backing by my least favourite dragon, Touker Suleyman, on Dragon’s Den (in case you’re wondering, the tall one‘s my favourite). 

Most of Bad Brownie’s range isn’t vegan but vegans can choose from three sizes – 12, 16 or 24 pieces and vegan coeliacs needn’t feel left because there’s a gluten-free version available too.

Bad Brownie's vegan bites box

I received a box of 12 pieces, which contain four bites each of After Eight, Biscoff, and Oreo Cookie Dough flavours. It took a will of iron to save the brownie bites for the photos and not to eat them. Of course, after the photos were done, I had to eat them for the purposes of an objective and honest review. Ahem.

Biscoff Vegan Brownie Bites

Biscoff brownie bites

Biscoff isn’t a vegan bandwagon I’ve jumped on but it seems to get vegans as excited as a certain type of woman gets excited about pockets in dresses (again, a bandwagon I haven’t jumped on. Pockets in bags and jackets, yes. In dresses, no. What exactly am I expected to put in a pocket?) Still, these Biscoff vegan brownie bites were bandwagonly delightful. They have a layer of Biscoff spread on top, further topped by crumbled Biscoff biscuits. Dense, chewy, rich and everything a brownie should be.

After Eight Vegan Brownie Bites

After 8 vegan brownie bites

I’ve got to admit, as much as I love an ADM (after dinner mint), I didn’t fancy After Eight flavour brownies. I mean, minty brownies? No thanks. But fair dos, the minty fondant layer went well with the rest of the brownie even though it was very minty. Again, it was dense and chewy and a decent brownie.

Oreo Cookie Dough Vegan Brownie Bites

Oreo cookie dough vegan brownie bites

Oreos. Another product vegans wet themselves over. I have no idea why, as I find Oreos vastly overrated but hey ho, I’m still going to eat the brownies (to be fair, I’d eat a packet of Oreos if you sent me a box of them through the post). These had a thick sugary layer of cookie dough on top of the brownie – a tad too sugary for me but this won’t stop me eating the rest of them.

Bad Brownies vegan brownie bites

Bad Brownie Vegan Brownie Bites

Did I enjoy the vegan brownie bites? Hell yeah. I’m fussy about my brownies (I blame it on being half-American) and although they’re not the best brownies I’ve ever had, they’re probably the best vegan brownies I’ve ever had. Most vegan brownies are usually more cake-like, than brownie-like. Brownies need to be dense, chewy, rich and substantial and these ones from Bad Brownies are all those things. It’s just as well I’m calorie-counting at the mo because each of these little bites contain around 100 calories, so I’m limiting myself to one a day. To be honest though, they’re so rich and substantial, more than one would be pure gluttony (not that I have a problem with pure gluttony, but if you want a healthier brownie, I have a recipe here).

To find out more about Bad Brownies or to order a box, vegan or otherwise, visit their website.

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