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It became something of a tradition last year to pop into the Good Intent in Aldington Frith and have a pint in their beautiful beer garden on the way back from cycling to the beach. Although they have an area set out for dining, I’ve never seen a full menu so didn’t know what type of food they served, or if any of it was vegetarian.

A few weeks ago, The Meat Eater suggested cycling up there in the evening for a drink. I suggested also eating there. Would there be anything vegetarian though, he asked. I said they probably at least do a vegetarian lasagne, I’m sure I won’t starve (I wasn’t aware they had a website at the time).

So off we went. I asked for a menu and not only did they cater for vegetarians, they even have a vegetarian category. I love it when restaurants and pubs have a vegetarian category. This means they do actually care about their customers.

My first choice of red onion and gruyere cheese tart wasn’t available, so I asked for my second choice of leek and wensleydale crumble. I also wanted some chips (I don’t know why, but I always want chips when I eat in a pub) but didn’t know what the portion sizes are like (another nearby pub, The Blue Anchor, serves stupidly MASSIVE portions so no extras are required) so I asked the waitress and she said that they were normal size, but if it was too much for me there wouldn’t be any problem if I left some.

Before I’d even had a bite of my food, the waitress came back and said she was sorry but the wrong topping had been put on my crumble and she’d have to take it away and the chef would make me a new one and I wouldn’t be charged for it. She also said she’d take The Meat Eater’s meal away too and bring him a new one at the same time my replacement meal came. We said that would be a waste of food and I was happy to wait for mine.

My new meal came back very quickly, along with my chips and some mayonnaise in a bowl (another thing I like to see. None of this Hellmann’s in a sachet nonsense). I asked the waitress what was wrong with the previous topping (imagining bits of pig in it or something) and was told that the chef had accidentally put on the apple crumble topping by mistake.

My leek and wensleydale crumble was lovely (and a normal size portion), as was the beautifully creamy homemade mayonnaise.

After we’d finished, we agreed that because the food was so nice, the waitress was so friendly, efficient and helpful, that there was no need for the cost of my meal to be taken off the bill but the chef/landlord said he really appreciated the offer but he wouldn’t take my money.

Exceptional service and food. 10 out of 10.

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