Competition: Win an Innocent Veg Pot

I’ve got a voucher worth £3.49 that can be exchanged for an Innocent Veg Pot of your choice in any supermarket.

All you have to do to win is post a limerick below and I’ll send the voucher to the composer of my favourite one.

To start you off, here’s the first line (or you can choose your own):

There once was a veggie called Kate

Good luck!

UK residents only
Competition closes at midnight on Monday 18 July 2011


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  1. There once was a runner from Kent
    Who became a vegan for Lent
    She tried hard to please
    But really liked cheese
    And so she claimed it was exempt!

  2. There once was a veggie called Kate
    Who worked rather horribly late
    But panic she did not
    For she’d won a veg pot
    Fab goodness for anyone’s plate

  3. There once was a veggie called Kate,
    Whose cooking skills weren’t too great,
    She ate only Microwave meals,
    And if she didn’t find deals
    Her wallet emptied at a terrible rate!

  4. There once was an angry vegetarian
    Who had liked his meals meticulously prepared for him
    He once threw a quiche
    (just missing his niece)
    As the presentation, he declared, was agrarian.

    Accidentally a stereotypical Bavarian,
    Went into a cafe that only served vegetarian.
    ‘Vat? No Meat?’
    He said, jumping to his feet,
    And vowed he’d never go in there again.

  5. I am soooo not creative. An hour of staruing at my screen produced this:
    There once was a veggie called Kate
    She loved lots of food on her plate
    So when her doctor said diet!
    She said please be quiet
    And went off and ate her weight (in chocolate)

    Appalling I know, I apologise…I just wanted to be in with a chance of winning it!

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