Tabasco Pepper Cheese

I sliced a bit off the end of the block, tasted it and felt cheated. Then… WOAH! SPICY! This Tabasco Pepper Cheese has a real kick to it. The red flecks in it look pretty, too.

tabasco-cheese It melted beautifully in my toasted sandwich made with the Tabasco cheese, tomatoes, olives stuffed with jalapenos and wasabi mayonnaise (yeah, I fancied a bit of heat for lunch).

tabasco-cheese-sandwichTabasco Pepper Cheese is suitable for vegetarians, and available at Tesco in four varieties – 5 x 30g snacking portions (£2.39), 140g pre-packed slices (£2.39), a 200g pre-packed wedge (£2.39) and a 1.3kg deli block (£10.99).

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